Relaxglasses Drive

Driving during night, more than 70% drivers are insecure and tense. ZEISS DriveSafe Glasses help you drive safe during night and challenging lighting conditions.

Only the best for your eyes? Thanks to newest technologies, with RELAXGLASSES drive from Baldinger Optics you can use your eyes to their full potential.


Besides the ZEISS DriveSafe technology, for the RELAXGLASSES drive Baldinger Optics Specialists also use more innovative technologies, to use your eye-sight to the best: ZEISS DriveSafe + ZEISS I.Scription + ZEISS Individual + Baldinger Optics Individual Perspective Check + individual adjustments

For my eyes only the best: RELAXGLASSES

Free ZEISS DriveSafe Info

includes check with the new ZEISS I.Profiler and a ZEISS I.Scription analysis. Value CHF 49.-

Coupon with a value of CHF 49.-

200.- Coupon

ZEISS DriveSafe Special Offer:
Get a 200.- coupon for a pair of single vision lens ZEISS DriveSafe Glasses. You can use the coupon online on, or in our Baldinger Optics stores. You can only use one coupon per pair of glasses.

Coupon Code for Online Purchase: DriveSafeAktion

Special offer duration: 12/01/2016 to 01/31/2017

Fair: During 11/01/2016 and 01/31/2017 all buyers participate automatically in our contest. The winner gets back the according amount.

Free Online Contest

1st Price: a pair of ZEISS DriveSafe glasses.
2. Baldinger Optics Coupon 300.- CHF.
3. ZEISS VR ONE Plus Virtual Reality glasses.

To participate in the contest, please enter your name and email address below.

Prices are being raffled amount all individuals, who are registered with Balder Optics until 01/31/2017. Fair: Also everybody who has bought single vision lens ZEISS DriveSafe Glasses before the duration of the special offer (from 11/01/2016 to 01/31/2017) will participate automatically in the contest. The winner gets back the according amount. No correspondence will be held about the drawing. The decision is final. Recourse through the courts is excluded. Prices cannot be paid in cash.

Order Online

Order low priced RELAXBRILLE drive with ZEISS DriveSafe glasses online?
Glasses with coupon starting from CHF 490.-
Coupon code for online order: DriveSafeAktion easy and fast -

Newest ZEISS Devices

To offer the newest and best ZEISS products and to perfectly support your eyes, newest ZEISS measurements devices are needed.
Baldinger Optics offers measuring with newest ZEISS devices.
You can choose your own level of quality: from the simple no-name product, to the best ZEISS technology product.

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